Many women would like help reaching orgasm but are embarrassed to discuss this topic. G-spot augmentation can address this issue for many women interested in increasing vaginal orgasm.

At Clinic Femina we perform a 10-minute procedure adding a substance called hyaluronic to the G spot located on the inner wall of the vagina. By increasing the size of this nerve-rich area of the vaginal tissue, arousal is significantly heightened leading to orgasm in close to 90% of women who have this treatment.

Treatments last approximately 4-6 months. Results vary but most experience an immediate heightened arousal during foreplay and intercourse leading to increase intensity of an orgasm. Most women can resume normal sexual activity the same day as the treatment.

"Men have their pills, it's about time we took control of ourselves, thanks Clinic Femina!"  -Pamela age 36

"My husband and I were not connecting like we used to. Wow has this changed things for us both!!"  - Mary age 49

"My sex drive went into hibernation when I hit menopause. Since doing the G spot augmentation at Clinic Femina it is a whole new world".  - Anna age 56 


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